The PPP Book


The PPP Book logically covers the core components of PPP. The PPP Book opens by looking at the circumstances that led to PPP, explaining how public authorities can reduce capital expenditure dramatically and convert the costs of infrastructure into affordable operating expenditure spread across an appropriate time scale.


We then look at the factors that influence project financing. This is followed by some thoughts on the most significant aspects of attracting institutional finance; identifying and then managing risks and risk transfer. Next we consider the impact of regulation and service delivery. Then a section looks at organising a PPP unit and how that should act as the strategy unit that provides a national coordinating framework. The final sections deal with the legal and legislative environment for successful PPPs and the need for standardisation of documentation and guidance for the implementation of PPP’s. The PPP Book closes with a discussion about procurement and contracts.


The PPP Book is intended to share knowledge and to help government officials and professional advisors learn more about PPP.