Book Review

Graham Oliver from WYG reviews The PPP Book

About This Project

Service transformation lies at the heart of John’s book on PPPs. After a long distinguished career at the heart of Public Private Partnerships John has decided to share his knowledge and experience, not only with his student-practitioners but to a wider audience. There is something for everyone in the text, whether as a professional looking to find a new perspective or someone looking to join the different elements of a project together.


PPPs are complex and inevitably involve change and compromise in seeking to balance the needs of the different stakeholders in the context of the Project or Programme. It takes the deft hand of an old master like John to pick out the essence of the key elements of a transaction and bring them to life – whether it is the establishment of a PPP Unit, Advisor selection, the sourcing of funds, the structuring of financial and dynamic econometric modelling or the handling of risk John provides a roadmap and identifies the potential potholes.

Of course there is no substitute to spending time with John as he brings the case studies to life, however, this book is the next best thing and shows why understanding the overall dynamics of a PPP helps every professional discipline to contribute in context, every developer to help shape new and innovative solutions as PPP evolves and for every Government thinking about PPPs to ask the right questions from the very beginning.

I have spent 25 years engaged in PPPs and I know that I always get a new perspective when I spend time with John. I hope this book gives a taster of what John and his team have to offer.

Graham Olver,
Chief Operating Officer, WYG December 2014